November 2019: Traumtänzer Ensemble on stage for the exhibition of Peer Oliver Nau at Hamburger Kaufmannshaus

Peer Oliver Nau is an exceptional sculptor and his poetic sculptures immediately captivated me when I entered the Hamburger Kaufmannshaus. There were carved animals, a life-size peacock, a goat, flying swans and sculptures of people, colorful and full of energy. “I’m going to dance here,” I thought, and I was very happy because the beautiful sculptures were a perfect match to my new dance project, the “Traumtänzer Ensemble” (Dream Dancer Ensemble). As always, I only dance to live music, but this time no flamenco guitar and no Arab drums. Instead, I had a flute player (Kanae Abe) and a pianist (Muller Manalu) with me. The Traumtänzer Ensemble was formed spontaneously when I found out about the pleasure of doing something completely different. In words I can not describe it. Have look at the photos and videos and check out the beautiful sculptures of Peer Oliver Nau.

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