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NEW VIDEO PUBLISHED! On the YouTube channel Aylén La Sirena

Flamenco Lírico Project

A fusion between the lyrical voice and the flamenco guitar. German soprano Aylén Bárbara Gerull and the guitarist from Cádiz Antonio Jiménez Cuenca are dedicated to playing the song cycle “Thirteen old songs by Federico García Lorca in a new way: The guitar follows the flamenco tradition and the lyrical voice adapts to flamenco styles. This creates a new interpretation of the thirteen songs, wellknown to the entire Spanish-speaking world. The first recordings too place March 2021 in the Espacio Santa Clara in Sevilla and the song “Las Morillas de Jaén” describes the narrator’s fascination with three beautiful converted Moorish girls he sees in Jaén. You find more songs in the youtube channel.