Tango Dúo Lírico – Private concert is now online on youtube for everyone!

On June 5th, 2020 I played a very nice online concert with Jorge Cidades in my apartment in Hamburg. The lovely Ariadne from Uruguay discovered my music on Youtube and then asked me on Facebook if I would play a concert on Zoom for her family during the pandemic. I then asked the great guitarist Jorge Cidades if he would participate and he said yes. Ariadne, her mother and her father asked me a lot of questions about my work and told me many interesting things about their home and their life in Uruguay. I’ve sung a lot of different tangos and in this video you can get to know us a little bit personally, you can watch us lough a lot and learn about our countries and our interests. I am very grateful that Ariadne and her family allowed me to cut and publish the video from the concert. So you can all watch it now.

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